The Cadavers in my Closet

And I've grown so weary of the same old thing, much like Jack- the great pumpkin king.

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    Ben’s fear of cops is probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen

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  • Mouse Rat
    5000 Candles In The Wind
  • lukes-wokling:

    Bye bye lil Sebastian (X)

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  • twixremix:

    the way to my heart is leslie/ben

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  • randompokeboy:

    I want this

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  • iridescentoracle:


    Damn straight there’s a Bisexual Agenda.

    It’s to replace all cars with trained pterodactyls by 2025.

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  • venomxblast:




    Any curse, chain mail, whatever reblog or you’ll ____ post.

    Has now been broken.
    Enjoy your day/night as a free/safe human being~

    bless your soul

    you beautiful perfect being

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  • reblog if you are gay or an army of 10,000 skeletons



    i am the latter

    i regret this post because every fuckijg straight person who reblogs it feels the need to add a comment like this to avoid anyone thinking even for a second that theyre gay

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